What is meant by voluntary service?

That´s what volunteers say about the voluntary initiative

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Free consultation on voluntary service
Where? BiP Marburg; Am Grün 16, 35037 Marburg
When? 2 – 4 pm, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month

You want to:

  • Do something sensible?
  • Improve your German language skills?
  • Meet new people?

With voluntary service you can experience this.

You get to know different (social and cultural) work areas. You help and earn a little pocket money. Help in a kindergarten, for example, or in a hospital or an elderly care centre. It is an opportunity to do something meaningful and gain an insight into the professional routine in Germany. In addition, you can improve your German language skills in a language course and apply them in practice.

Your commitment is appreciated!

  • You do something sensible and help other people
  • You improve your German language skills and you are offered a language course
  • You get acquainted with professions and the professional routine in Germany
  • You get to know new people
  • Improve your chances of finding vocational training- or work opportunities

What do you get for your help?

  • A small amount of pocket money (funds from the office are credited against the pocket money)
  • A language course and other educational opportunities
  • Insurance at the FSJ (voluntary social year in Germany): medical-, accident-, pension- and nursing insurance
  • Insurance at the FdaG (voluntary service of all generations): accident- and liability insurance
  • A qualified certificate and certificate of the period of service
  • Vacation days
  • A permanent contact person, who accompanies and supports you

Educational days

In addition to the work at your employment site, you participate in educational days. During one year, you are offered up to 25 days of education. Here you meet and learn with many other people, who also perform voluntary service.

Field of activity / where do you work?

The employees of the voluntary work service assist you in finding a suitable field of activity. Help, where your assistance is needed urgently. At institutions for elderly or young people, at the hospital, kindergarten or at one of many social or cultural establishments in Hesse. Contribute your abilities and talents and discover new things.

Your place of work is called your “Einsatzstelle”, what means “employment site”. At your employment site you work in a team with other people.



  • If you have the status of temporary residence/toleration/recognised refugee/subsidiary protection rights/national prohibition on deportation, you can perform voluntary service
  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • You must be in Germany for at least 3 month
  • You require an employment permit from the immigration authorities
  • Basic German language skills are required in some cases

We will gladly assist you in verifying the required prerequisites and, if necessary, to obtain them.


Which voluntary service?

You can choose among the voluntary social year (FSJ) and the voluntary service of all generations (FdaG).


Age: 16 – 27
Duration: 6 months minimum, maximum 1.5 years
Working hours: up to 40 hours per week
Insurance: medical insurance, accident- and liability insurance
Seminar duration: minimum of 25 days per year


Age: from 16
Duration: 6 months minimum (can be extended)
Working hours: 10-20 hours per week
Insurance: accident- and liability insurance
Seminar duration: minimum of 30 hours in 6 months

For individual advice and further information, please contact :

Nathanael Seitz

Projektkoordinator Freiwilligendiensten für Geflüchtete (FSJ/FdaG) in Hessen

 Tel.: +49 (0) 69 / 42009 – 271